the most advanced wearable safety light on the market

Hands-free lighting and protection to do more.

Guardian Angel Elite Series™ wearable safety lights are designed for government professionals that need visibility, durability, and versatility while on the job.


Trusted by 5,000+ organizations worldwide

Visibility on the job can be the difference between life and death. Our wearable safety lights are designed to keep you safe and are waterproof and virtually indestructible, to handle any damage that may occur on the job.


The Guardian Angel Elite Series™ is a line of personal safety devices developed with using our proprietary LED technology. This technology allows all of our GA Elite Series™ devices to be seen from over five miles away , with 360º lights, customizable flash patterns, and four different brightness settings.

Created by government for government

Front view
Magnet clip
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Guardian Angel Elite Series
Guardian Angel Elite Series Magnetic Mount Base
Guardian Angel Elite Series
Front view
Guardian Angel Elite Series Magnetic Mount Base
Magnet clip
Guardian Angel Elite Series

From the field

Every 5–10 years we see a piece of equipment emerge that we recognize needs to be added to the standard uniform of law enforcement officers nationwide because of its utility and clear impact on making officers more safe. We believe the Guardian Angel Device is that next, new piece of equipment.

Ryan T. Smith
Executive Director, Spirit of Blue

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Tactical LED Safety Lights

Elite Series™ Device Features

18 LEDs with an enhanced work light feature, containing 4 high

powered white LEDs, offering a hands-free experience.


Stealth work light feature with a single red LED light for low light environments.


Up to 800 Lumens of light can be seen from over 5+ miles away


Single 850-nanometer infrared LED beacon which can be controlled

independently from the rest of the LEDs on the device. The single IR

LED will also activate when Emergency Mode (all lights on device flash)

is activated.

Magnet Mounting System
Built-in Neodymium magnet and corresponding magnet clip

(included) attaches onto nearly any surface. Versatile to meet the

needs of any professional or recreational user.


Optional Accessory Screws
The device can be hard mounted to a Universal Clip Mount or

Strap/Epaulet clip mount for a more secure attachment in extreme

work environments.


Tether Attachment
For extra protection, a quick-release tether can be attached to your

device for when the magnet is removed.

Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and IP68 Rated.


Made up of Polycarbonate, ABS, and Rubber (the toughest around).


Can withstand being thrown and ran over, extreme heat, submerged

in the water, dirt, and mud.

1.5 – 150 hours of battery life even in -40ºF temperatures



Rechargeable lithium-ion battery using Type-C USB charging cable (included)


SOS Flash Pattern Mode
Quick button hold sets the device to SOS flash mode


Battery Life Indicator
Quick button hold shows remaining battery life in easy-to-read LED indicator

Available in 25 Colors

Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red/Blue, Infrared, and White.


Flash Patterns

  • Constant On | Front, Back, or Top LED’s
  • Standard Operating | Front On, Rear Flashing
  • Emergency | Both Sides & Top Flashing
  • WigWag | Left-Right Alt. Flashing
  • Strafing | Right-to-Left Flashing
  • SOS | 3x short/long & 3x short flashes
  • Battery Indicator | Left-to-Right Flashing

I find myself using it every single

day … I’ve worn [it] through the

past hurricane that happened —

hasn’t given any issues… It really

doesn’t get in the way of anything.

I’ve never accidentally knocked

this thing off… I really do feel like

this is going to become standard

issue one day.

Allen, New York, EMT/First Responder

If my k9 partner and I are doing a search of a vehicle, the bright white LED’s light up the scene so I don’t need to hold a flashlight. Everyone I show this light to, they are hooked and love it just like me.

Officer Walker, Florida, Law Enforcement