Wearable or Mountable, Exceeds USGC 2+ Nautical Miles Visibility

Kayak Navigation Light Kit

Guardian Angel Kayak Navigation Light Kit is waterproof up to 3 meters. wireless, rechargeable and can easily be mounted to your kayak, boat, life vest and anywhere else you need it

30 Second Installation - No Drilling & No Wires

One Product, Endless Uses

Guardian Angel™ line of devices are wearable and mountable safety devices developed with our proprietary LED technology. This technology allows all of our devices to be seen from over five miles away , with 360º lights, customizable flash patterns, and four different brightness settings.


Light. Where you need it, when you need.
Professionals and First Responders from over 100 countries around the globe use the Guardian Angel Device each day to keep them VISIBLE and SAFE. The New Kayak Kit is the first of it’s kind that allows users to stay visible on the water, and TAKE THE LIGHT WITH THEM after they’re done for the day. Cool huh?

We have over 1,000 Video Testimonials and 5,000 five-star review from some of the toughest professionals in the world.
Is the New Wireless Kayak Kit tough enough for you and your customers? Find out today.


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From our existing Dealers

The Guardian Angel kayak light kit is one of the BEST additions on my kayak! These lights are extremely bright which makes them perfect for navigating waters when the sun is down. They make my kayak visible to other boaters on the water and let’s me focus more on finding the fish!
Having no wires to mess with means NO drilling holes into my kayak which is a BIG plus for me! I can put the lights where I need them and store them away when I’m done using them. I HIGHLY recommend adding the Guardian Angel Kayak Light Kit to any kayak setup.

TJ Russell

99% of users rank our products 4 or 5 stars.
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Kayak Kit Features

Complete Kit

  • Nav/Bow Red & Green LED Device
  • Stern White LED Device
  • Adhesive & Screw Magnetic Mount × 2
  • Device Tether × 2
  • Wearable Magnet Mounts

It sells itself

The package design allows your customer to view all of the items included in the kit, using our unique blister package design. We also include a QR code to view videos of the actual kit and included items (currently in production).


Retail Feature

  • Master Pack Display includes 8x kits
  • Dealer

Magnet Mounting System
Built-in Neodymium magnet and corresponding magnet clip

(included) attaches onto nearly any surface. Versatile to meet the

needs of any professional or recreational user.


Optional Accessory Screws
The device can be hard mounted to a Universal Clip Mount or

Strap/Epaulet clip mount for a more secure attachment in extreme

work environments.


Tether Attachment
For extra protection, a quick-release tether can be attached to your

device for when the magnet is removed.

Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and IP68 Rated.


Made up of Polycarbonate, ABS, and Rubber (the toughest around).


Can withstand being thrown and ran over, extreme heat, submerged

in the water, dirt, and mud.


  • 18 High-Powered LEDs
    5+ Miles Visibility
    4 Brightness Settings
    12 Different Modes
    Operate front, back and top of the device independently

1.5 – 150 hours of battery life even in -40ºF temperatures



Rechargeable lithium-ion battery using Type-C USB charging cable (included)


SOS Flash Pattern Mode
Quick button hold sets the device to SOS flash mode


Battery Life Indicator
Quick button hold shows remaining battery life in easy-to-read LED indicator

I have bought 4 Micros and 2 Elites for the 3 family kayaks. The battery life on the Elites is really good. On steady low they lasted over 24 hours. These are well built, plenty bright and will insure your safety. The magnets are really strong and have not had any issues. Great Product for sure!

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John L., Missouri, Family Kayaker


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